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A picture of Pete Valentine as George Michael

Pete Valentine - A tribute to George Michael

Contact Address:

Pete has been singing as George Michael since the days of Wham. It's only in the last year or so that he feels he has now perfected the voice and style of the man himself.

Pete has performed at many large venues such as Thornton Manor, The Stirk House Hotel, The Hilton International at Manchester and many others.

Pete will blow you away with how close to George he sounds, looks and acts.

For an evening with a feel of George Michael, look no further than Pete Valentine

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A Picture of the 80's Experience

80's Experience

Contact Address:

It's the 80's and it's a tribute band that takes you back to that glorious decade with a superb show full of the decade's greatest songs and artistes.

Watch the guys numerous costume changes re-creating many of the decade's biggest artistes and listen to the quality of some of the best songs of the time.

A brilliant night of 80's music giving the audience the ultimate 80's Experience.


A Picture of Abba Arrival

Abba Arrival

Contact Address:

Remember the sounds of Abba. Watch a band that recreates, brilliantly, the mood and music of probably the best pop band in history.
All the hits are on show here from 'Waterloo' to 'Take a Chance on me' authentically re-born before your eyes.

It's like being there!

A tribute band that show how tributes should really be done..


A Picture of So 80's

So 80's


So 80's take you back to that decade of glamour, style and chic and are a revelation in reproducing the atmosphere, look and sounds of the 80's.

With their fabulous renditions of 80's classics from the likes of  Wham to Madonna through Duran Duran and more, the guys can give a show tyhat really rocks for up 2 hours.
So 80's will return you to the decade of great disco with a style and charisma like no other.


A Picture of Mercury


Contact Address:

MERCURY have succeeded in recapturing the sounds and moods of the legendary Queen like no other tribute band.

An incredible realism and feel within the music that conjures up the authentic and unusual Queen sound.

This takes top quality musicians to do it justice and none do it better than MERCURY. Great musicians with an awareness of the unique sound of the band recreate a fabulous live show of the amazing music of Queen..

To be seen to be believed!

Availability: Contact Joku office BOOKING ENQUIRY

A Picture of Juke Box Jive

Juke Box Jive

Contact Address:

Celebrating 10 years in the entertainment business, Please welcome:

'Juke Box Jive for a fantastic evening of live music from the great musical era of the 50's and 60's.

The 5 piece band has toured extensively, done both radio and television work including a documentary on Channel 3 North East, as well as appearing as a live band in Catherine Cooksons TV blockbuster 'The round tower', which was set in the 50's.

Availability: Contact Joku Office BOOKING ENQUIRY

A Picture of Staying Alive

Staying Alive

Contact Address:
Frequently hailed as one of the worlds most authentic BEE GEE’s tribute bands

Stayin’ Alive take you through the musical life of the Bee Gees, recreating the different eras of the band’s development with uncanny authenticity.

Let the band recreate all those musical favourites, which over the last 30 years have earned their reputation amongst the most prolific songwriters and recording artist’s ever.

A Picture of Elvis Williamson

Elvis Williamson

Contact Address:

It's a royal tribute to the 'King' in the style of the great man himself

It's like being their with the man who was the biggest star of them all, recreating many of his wonderful songs from the 50's to the 60's.

A time honoured tribute for the 'King' of Rock and Roll

Availability: Contact Joku Office BOOKING ENQUIRY

A picture of Don't You Want Me 80's in 80's costume

Don't You Want Me 80's

Contact Address:

This ultimate 80's tribute band has the ability to perform their marvellous show within a small venue to a national theatre.
The sights and sounds of the 80's brought to you in a professional  way with these talented singers and musicians on stage, the show is full of fun and audience
Don't you want me 80's perform as a trio, 4 or 5 piece band, depending room size available and the all important budget!
80's music has never really gone away but with so many original 80's groups & singers reappearing, it has made us one of the
busiest groups on the 80's scene, so why not take a trip back and to turn your night into a revival of those fantastic times.

Availability: Contact Joku office BOOKING ENQUIRY

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