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A half length photo of the Grumbleweeds back to back

The Grumbleweeds

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What can one say about The Grumbleweeds other than they are now legendary. One of the greatest comedy shows in the country at the moment. They're comedy has continued to move with the times and the show is as funny (if not funnier) than ever.

They have now been in the business over 46 years since conceiving the idea and they have had various incantations over that time but continue to astound with their humour, flamboyance, craziness and downright hilarious show.

To many they are still the guv'nors of comedy and regarded as a benchmark to any up and coming comedy artistes.

The present show has the legendary Robin & Graham still rocking them in the aisles all over the country.

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A half length photo of Jimmy Cricket

Jimmy Cricket

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"Ladies and Gentlemen...Come closer...It's me...Jimmy. Are you ready for some fun?"
You will not be disappointed by the legendary Jimmy Cricket. Still one of the funniest guys in the business and constantly in demand.

Jimmy's act is also one of the cleanest in the business.

A popular theme of his comedy is Irish logic, and the ubiquitous letter from his "Mammy". He almost always appears in his trademark outfit of cut-off evening trousers, tuxedo, hat (given to him by the BBC to wear on The Good Old Days) and wellies marked "L" and "R" for left and right, but worn on the wrong feet.

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Picture of Billy Pearce

Billy Pearce

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One of the funniest stand-up comedians in the country. His adult show lasting 1 1/2 hours on stage is a must to see. But Billy can do the family show too
Constantly in demand for his amazing stand-up, Billy can also be seen regularly in Panto and Television.

Billy Pearce, who was born in Leeds, first came to national prominence when he appeared in Central TV's top talent show 'New Faces', winning his heat and qualifying for the final. His impact was immediate and he was quickly snapped up for stage and TV Appearances, culminating with his first series for BBC TV, 'You Gotta Be Joking'.

In 1993 he hosted The Children's Royal Variety Performance screened by the BBC. So successful was his impact, he was invited to appear on the same show a year alter followed with a laughter filled appearance on the Royal Variety Performance. In total Billy has performed in five children's Royal Variety Shows and three Royal Variety Shows.

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A head shot photo of Paddy Greene

Paddy Greene

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Known as the Comics' comic, this zany Irishman is overflowing with a talent for making people laugh. Like the late Tommy Cooper, a naturally funny man.
Paddy's act is full of vitality, he uses so much energy that he is usually physically drained at the end of a performance, and uses every available inch of space, and anything to hand as a prop.
Much of his material is fresh and topical, even old stories take on a complete new angle with Paddy's unique approach. In fact Paddy is so imaginative that you will probably never see him perform the same act twice!

A great favourite of top comedian Jim Davidson and many others.

One of the funniest men in the business.

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A head and shoulders picture of The Black Onyx Group

Black Onyx

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Comedy showgroups may come and go, but Black Onyx have dominated this section of the entertainment scene for many years.

Being one of the very few groups of their kind to still retain the original line up, the chemistry  between these three talented guys ensures that every performance is as electrifying as the last and guarantees the kind of ovation that has kept them constantly at the top.

Since forming Black Onyx have worked tirelessly to perfect their trade via the network of summer season and cabaret venues and have become known as regular bill toppers

The natural progression to TV followed with guest spots on all the top light entertainment programmes, culminating with their own highly acclaimed networked TV  special for Yorkshire Television.          

Working at breath-taking speed, Black Onyx manage to fit in everything from hilarious impressions to  barbershop harmony, superb musical content and many famous pieces that have become their trademark, including the Pasha dance and the Candle routine. Throw in Tributes to the 70,s Cher, Ozzy Osbourne, Shirley Bassey, Freddie Mercury, Tina Turner and a show stopping take off of "RIVERDANCE" and you have all the ingredients of a never to be forgotten night. Is it any wonder they have been given many honours including the "Club Mirror" award for "Comedy Act of the Year" an amazing 6 times.

Truly a TRIBUTE to entertainment !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Availability: Contact Roger at Black Onyx

A head shot photo of character Frank Sidebottom

Frank Sidebottom

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Frank Sidebottom is show biz's most fantastic star and when we say showbiz, Frank can't be surpassed in his world of light entertainment including Television, Radio, Concerts, Lectures, Records, Comic Strip Art, and puppetry (to name but a few)

Frank's TV credits include Franks Fantastic Shed Show (ITV), Saturday Picture Show, TX, Motormouth and recently Dick n' Dom in Da Bungalow. Over the years Frank has had over 300 separate shows and was much loved as Anthony Wilson's sidekick on Channel 4's Remote Control which ran for over 33 episodes.

Franks live performances are now legendary and have achieved cult status. Including a Wembly appearance while supporting Bros.

His TV and radio work is now regarded as legendary and totally endless!


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